Ancestors of Adam and Emma JACKSON
Alston    Amos   Bacon   Balls    Banham   Bannister   Barber   Bardwell   Barton   Bashall   Bass   Bates   Ben   Blagburn   Blunderfield   Bougard   Brazen   Brock   Cartwright   Charter   Clarkson   Clayton   Cleveland   Cornish   Earl   Eddleston   Ellis   Elmer   Failon   Garnham   Garrould   Gerday   Goddard   Goldsmith   Hadingham   Hadley    Hargreaves   Hart   Hollys   Howson   Jackson   Jones   Keable   Lamb   Legrand   Lonsdale   Marriot   Newson   Norton   Oldrin   Page   Pantridge   Parkinson   Perks   Pilling   Rackham   Revell   Reynolds   Riches   Ropier   Rostron   Rous   Sandiford   Sault   Septon   Sergeant   Slater   Smith   Soyeur   Stokes   Taylor   Thompson   Thrower   Tilly   Turner   Tyrell   Urry   Walkden   Ward   Ware   Warnier   Wéra   Woods   Wright

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Individuals on the direct ancestral lines, have a # after their ID number. This is particularly useful when navigating 'back down' the tree after following the 'parent' links upwards.
** NEW ** I have begun to write mini-biographies for various people shown on the tree. Wherever you see a person's reference number on the charts in this form e.g.  J0309  or  B0306 , their biography can be viewed by clicking on the reference number.

If you would like more details, can see a mistake or can provide more information, for any branch of the family tree,  please e-mail me at:


The 'Document Archive', is a means of storing all source documents and photos, particularly larger ones such as Army Service Records, Census Images, etc. Some smaller images and documents are stored in the individual's Scrapbook as well.

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